Home remedies for back pain

How can I relieve back pain at home?

Before learning the home remedies for back pain, learn something about the disease. Most back pain occurs from the wrong seats or the wrong moves in the workplace. Therefore, you should sit down or get up every half hour. Then spread the outstretched arms as far as it goes out, push it as far as it goes to the back so that you feel a pull between the shoulder blades. Perform this exercise for one minute each, make short breaks and repeat it.

To avoid back pain when you busy with the computer: Keep the spine straight, not tilted or inclined to sit workstation or computer. The feet should be firmly and correctly floored resting on the floor. Obtain a medical seat cushion, blow it up. Due to the constantly changing sitting position, the spine is loaded and unloaded in ever different positions.

A tried and true home remedies for back pain is swimming. The spine is relieved by the pressure of the water. Most results are achieved when they swim in a supine position. Massages can also be counterproductive, may become worse your condition.

What are the home remedies?

Home remedies for back pain:

  • Sit on a stool in the shower and move a very warm jet of water just below the rib cage slowly back and forth. With 31 degrees begin slowly increase.
  • Lie down on your back. The calves are doing high on a tower of pillows so that the upper and lower legs form a right angle.
  • Insert a heated mud pack (pharmacy) and to cross-check the act. Massaging the lower back area with heated a sesame oil.
  • Dismantle overweight. A big belly pulls the spine.
  • Boil potatoes on your skins, which you mash to a paste and wrap in a cloth. This lie on his back, repeated several times.
  • Rub his back before going to bed with camphor oil.
  • Fill in a linen bag with one of the following types of grain, heat it and drop it like a hot water bottle on the back: spelled, rye and millet.
  • Take regular red light irradiation.
  • Give 15 drops of thyme oil to the bathwater.
  • Take an evening with a rub arnica extract.
  • Make yourself a bath additive of one teaspoon of hop oil and a tablespoon of honey.

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